Top 12 Hindi Movies of 2018 That Don’t Insult Your Intelligence

Movies have always been an integral part of my life. Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows the passion I have for great cinema. The Hindi movie industry definitely churns out more movies every year, but let’s be honest, the quality in terms of the script is not that great.

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Ramsay Brothers: The Pioneers of Horror

Fear is an unpleasant emotion in which you always think about what’s going to happen next. Horror movies have evolved over the years and today we see more sophisticated horror films that incorporate top-notch prosthetics and state-of-the-art CGI effects combined with an excellent sound that can send chills down your spine. I am a huge horror movie fan and last week as I was watching a horror movie a simple thought popped up in my mind. This post is the result of that thought and I hope I do justice to it because so far I haven’t read anything like this on the internet.

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5 Reasons Why You Must Watch The Jungle Book

Jungle jungle pata chala hain, chaddi pehan ke phool khila hain. These iconic lyrics by Gulzar are eternally etched in the minds of millions of Indian kids born in the late 70s and 80s who used to watch The Jungle Book series every Sunday morning on the national television channel. Then, Mowgli became a household name and one of the most endearing characters on TV. After a gap of three decades, The Jungle Book is back and I must confess this is a great way to return in style. The theaters are super packed not just with kids, but adults who must have been a Mowgli-fan  during their childhood days. Directed by Jon Favreau, The Jungle Book borrows the plot from the books by Rudyard Kipling and the 1967 Disney classic of the same name.

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Unclog Your Blog with SEO

When I started my journey as a blogger I had no idea about how long I will continue blogging. My first ever blog was a movie review of a regional movie that was so moving that it compelled me to say something about it. I immediately returned home, turned on my laptop and flushed out all my emotions on the MS Word document and then created a blog to share it with others. The next morning I woke up, excited to see how the response was, but sadly there were no comments. Not a single comment. Now, that’s sad because here I was trying to communicate with the world about this movie, but no one was interested. A week passed by and still nothing. This had a devastating effect on me because I couldn’t believe that not a single person in the world read what I wrote. I had passed on the links to my friends, but still no one read it. Well, at that point of time I didn’t realize that a large majority of my friends are not readers, so why would they care? However, this bitter experience taught me something. If I want to survive as a blogger, I need an audience. An audience beyond my friends and contacts I know. That’s when I learned about SEO better known as Search Engine Optimization.

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Everything You Want to Know About Kabaddi

While I am really passionate about movies and travel, I am equally passionate about sports. I usually write about India destinations and food, but just a few days ago one of my readers and friends did mention about writing on Indian sports and other categories that I haven’t covered already. Surprisingly, by that time, I had already thought of writing on one of the Indian sports that certainly remains so unique and close to the culture and roots of India. I know by now, most Indians would be thinking of me writing on cricket, because cricket is a religion in India, just as football is to Brazil and baseball to the United States of America. However, I’m not going to cover cricket here, instead, I chose a sport that has risen from the ashes of the past and is slowly becoming a trend across India. Any guesses India?

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5 Unconventional Romantic Movies I Love

Although I am always writing more about travel, you can’t keep me away from writing about movies. I am always passionate about movies, mainstream commercial movies, art house movies and even documentaries, I prefer any of these. Bollywood or Hindi film industry certainly competes with the Hollywood industry in some ways trying to adapt some of their movies into Indian format, but what makes Indian films different from Hollywood is the romance factor. Let me put it this way, Indians are born and brought up on a heavy dose of romantic movies from Mughal-e-Azam to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Now as most of my friends know, I’m a bit off which means anything conventional does not appeal to me. My personal love story itself is a bit unconventional, so why would I like romantic movies which are very conventional and based on the same tried and tested formulae used for ages.

Here is my list of 5 unconventional romantic movies in Hindi film industry. To make it interesting I have included videos of the iconic moments/trailers of these movies.

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What Makes Katrina Kaif Different from Her Contemporaries?

She came, she ruled, she conquered. Well, that is what we can say about Katrina Kaif who managed to win millions of Indian hearts with her innocent charming smile and looks that can kill. While she has not been in the Hindi film industry for long, Katrina Kaif has managed to make her mark in the industry and has silent her critics with superlative performances to make audience believe that she is not just a pretty face, but a talent powerhouse. There is certainly so much about her that does not show up on the silver screen, but Katrina Kaif is certainly here to stay and conquer the hearts of the people of India.

So, what makes Katrina Kaif so different from the rest of the Hindi film industry actresses?

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