New Graduates

The New Slave Labor Trend in the Business World

New Graduates

It’s a dog eat dog world out there and you have to make sure that you protect yourself especially when you are new in the world of business. Exploitation of graduates is not a new trend, but it has certainly increased as the job market becomes more competitive than ever before. There are many corporate firms and businesses that have been accused of exploiting graduates that work for these companies almost for free. In some of the competitive fields like law and journalism and even hospitality industry internship is seen as a better way to hone individual skills and expertise and companies claim that graduates that become interns have better skills, experience and knowledge to handle their job.

Many graduates get sucked into this whirlpool of exploitation and business politics that never seem to end while many keep hoping from one job to another in search for the perfect work opportunity that can allow them to have a successful career. However, things are getting uglier now as many graduates have started realizing how business world is using their skills and talent to make more profit and without paying them what they really should. In the past few years, there has been a lot of hue and cry about how companies are mistreating graduates in the name of internships giving it a bad reputation.

Various forums and websites that focus on internships and how graduates should deal with their initial job situations are packed with debates and discussions on how graduates should deal with their initial job situations where they can stay away from being exploited in the name of inexperience workforce. Some of the interns also claim that companies treat them like dogs and slaves while employers lure them with fake promises of better future and better paid jobs if they perform exceptionally.

While males graduates are certainly being targeted there are many female graduates that have felt the same pangs of exploitation in the initial years of work as interns. Female graduates claim that they often become subject of ridicule as they are marginalized and alienated because many corporates believe that they lack business sense. Critics that have taken this issue very seriously claim that the exploitation of graduates arise from the competitive market combined with economic woes. This also becomes a catch 22 situation for many other graduates who would not like to take up internships, but they do not have any work experience, so at the end of the day they fall behind in the line of candidates that come with experience and eventually they become victims of slave labor trend.

With economic problems worsening in many parts of the world, there is no easy solution to this problem. Some visionaries claim that the only way this problem can end is when graduates stop falling for unpaid work and search for paid positions. Although, this sounds really difficult from employees point of view, but many honest employers can also help by sticking to the law and offering better paid jobs to graduates and allowing them to learn while they earn rather than exploiting the future generation to save money.



  1. My son has a degree in film and they almost ostracize him in the industry for it, as though it is fluff. He went to a good university and came out with a lot of versatile training and knowledge. Now he works in retail to be able to pay his student loans because he can’t afford to wait out the people who keep trying to hold him back. Sad…


    1. I feel what it feels like when not provided the true opportunity we deserve. Back in time I did my Java Development course, but no company wanted a fresh candidate then, all they wanted was a java developer with truckloads of experience. With limited time window on my side I joined call center industry.

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  2. I am sorry about that for you Sharukh. Of four sons he was the only one I encouraged because of his passion for film. I already knew about this problem from my experience working at McDonalds. There were so many managers who came into the company because they had a business degree. Thousands of dollars of school for a job that promotes from within anyway. Sad.

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  3. This is such a difficult problem to address, let alone resolve. The Catch-22 (apt comparison) of the need for experience and the inability to get experience is very real. It is bad today, but it was also bad in 1977 when I was looking for work. I had over two dozen interviews and ended up taking a programming job that paid less than the part-time job I was working in construction. To advance, I had to move cross-country twice, each time taking a job that demanded more than what they paid for. Eventually, it worked out for me, but I feel that I was lucky as well as having had the skills.

    This is an important topic to bring forward into the light. Nice post Sharukh.

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    1. I was very unsure of whether I should or should not post this on my blog. I actually wrote this as a sample article to impress one of the would-be client, but the company didn’t like it saying this article is not something that graduates would want to read. They rejected me, so I am using it on my blog. I want to see if I had written anything wrong that in any way hurts any one.


      1. To be honest, I love putting up controversial and debatable topics that can open up healthy discussions. My Speaking Tongue blog was actually made for that, but as I started to put up sensitive issues (related to India), I realize people were not happy, they started abusing me online so I decided to end all the personal attacks by removing any such content and not involving in any debate at all. I even unsubscribed from various group memberships on Facebook to avoid any clash. You can read on Google there are many instances where mobs have vandalized the home of people who talk/write/discuss on such debatable hot topics.


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