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Pros and Cons of Using WordPress Ecommerce Website Development

Website Development

WordPress is considered to be one of the easiest ways to get your presence onto the web. If you want to have your personal website or ecommerce business WordPress will help you to make your dreams come true. Today, WordPress is among the most popular content management solutions available and many businesses depend on it. Originally, WordPress was more of a blogging platform, but over a period of time developers have come up with various plug-ins that make WordPress among the most widely used website development options. Using WordPress for ecommerce websites has its own share of benefits and drawbacks, so let’s take a quick look into it.


Simple and Powerful

Not all business owners and entrepreneurs have the same technical knowledge and that is why they prefer WordPress over any other program. WordPress is simple and easy to use and it does not require in-depth technical knowledge. WordPress users can customize the appearance of their website through simple features and options available.

Beauty and Functionality

Websites today should have better appearance with improved functionality. WordPress offers wide range of themes that users can choose and at the same time improve the overall functionality of their website. Functionality is important to boost sales and offer convenient options to the customers.

Freely Available

Many entrepreneurs that do not have lot to invest prefer WordPress over any other software because WordPress is available for free. Hence, developers can download WordPress online and start developing the website the way they want it using themes and other plug-ins available.

Secure and Stable

WordPress is constantly updated to offer better stability and security features that can protect ecommerce business. With strengthened security features users can protect their business in a better way from hackers and other online attacks.


Not for Large Online Stores

While WordPress is an ideal and robust platform for ecommerce sites, it is usually not recommended for handling large online stores. When you are planning to have a large online store you need more data and information to be stored and executed well. With WordPress it can take lot of time and users might end up spending more on customization and segregating the data. Processing large number of orders will increase the number of scripts that WordPress executes and that can overwhelm many web servers.

Plug-In Issues

While WordPress does offer various plug-ins that can boost the productivity of your ecommerce site, any new update can ruin the overall performance of that plug-in. Many plug-ins do not operate well when WordPress is updated and therefore it is important for the users to take a backup copy of the website before making changes to the plug-ins.

Upgrading Too Many Times

WordPress is an open-source platform and therefore there are many upgrades that you need to make to its themes and plug-ins. So it could be that some of the customizations that you have made to the themes and plug-ins will get overwritten every time you upgrade.


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