WalkCar: The New Personal Transporter


Its hard to think about our daily lifestyle without vehicles and various other means of transport that help us to move around freely, help us reach places that we want to in time. While we have cars that help us get wherever we want to, the fact is that there are many transportation issues that come with it. For instance, there are serious parking problems and if you prefer to walk it could be that you may reach late which again affects your daily routine and productivity. Today, technology is redefining the way we live with various gadgets that make our lives easier, but gradually technology is changing the way we move around and help us move quickly and with ease.

Well, its not some futuristic car that incorporate some really sleek features, but a simple and effective walking device that’s just more than any other device we’ve seen so far. Its called the WalkCar. This small and light device looks like a laptop with wheels that can help you cover distances that you would walk otherwise. The device is battery powered and it fits easily in your bag making it one of the first transporting devices that you can carry along and use it at your convenience. So, is WalkCar the next big thing in the world of personal transportation? Let’s find out more about the device as we explore different aspects of the product in the review below.

Design & Built

Designed and manufactured by Cocoa Motors, WalkCar makes great impressions with its simplistic design that allows users to ride it comfortably. It does take some design cues from skateboards, but it still maintains originality to some extent. The design is sleek and contemporary to ensure it goes well with the modern times we live in. While WalkCar looks like a delicate device that can break at an instant, it is certainly not that fragile. It comes with an aluminum body that ensures that it can handle the vibrations and tiny bumps without any problems. In terms of weight, it is certainly way lighter than other devices like Segway and Toyota Winglet. WalkCar weighs around 4.4 to 6.6 lbs (2-3 kgs), depending on the model, but it has the capacity to carry a person of upto 265 lbs (120 kgs) making it a dependable transport device.


Cocoa Motors have ensured that this tiny transport device has simple functionality to make it appealing to the users. The device has no buttons and therefore users can control the movement of the device by shifting their weight. The device accelerates automatically when you step on it and brakes as soon as you step off. Hence, it could be that initially you might have to focus and need some practice on how to shift your weight accordingly to steer WalkCar in the right direction. WalkCar offers ample space for the users to stand on it comfortably as they steer through regular roads and streets.


WalkCar not just eliminates the need to walk, but also improves the speed helping users to reach quickly. The device comes with a top speed of 6.2 mph (10 kmph) and it can cover a distance of 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) on a single charge. The device also comes with a lithium-based battery that takes three hours to charge via USB. In terms of performance, WalkCar is pretty efficient and can push a person in the wheelchair up an incline effortlessly.

Price and Availability

This futuristic pressure-controlled skateboard can be reserved from autumn 2015 through crowd-funding website Kickstarter. Cocoa Motors and creator Kuniako Saito mentioned that the initial price for the WalkCar will be 100,000 Japanese Yen that totals up to US$800. Shipping is expected to begin by spring 2016.


Overall, WalkCar is an innovative fresh concept that changes the way we move around. Its small size and lightweight features allow us to carry it along wherever we want it and use it as per convenience. The device is quite durable and made up of aluminum and can handle small bumps with ease. The overall functionality is simple and offers users a better way to steer the device the way they want it through weight transfer. Despite of its small size, it can handle lot of weight and can carry a person weighing 265 lbs up an incline. It has decent enough speed to help users reach their destination quicker than regular walkers. WalkCar is powered by lithium battery covering a distance of 7.5 miles per charge. While the device is set to be ready for the public, it still depends on how easy it is to maneuver through weight and whether the battery lasts under practical conditions. If it does, WalkCar is the new personal transporter device that will be a perfect solution for consumers to transverse through long city blocks.



  1. How long do you think those wheels will hold up? I agree, for a small device it looks pretty powerful, but I really wonder about those small wheels. They look like office chair wheels.


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