Heart Surgery Kid

Preparing for Your Baby’s Heart Surgery in India

Heart problems come in all types and therefore it can happen to anyone, even to minors. The toughest part for most parents is to bid goodbye to their kids as they’re taken for the surgery and thereafter shifted to intensive care unit. To make sure they provide the best medical treatment possible parents browse through endless list of websites and testimonials and information while they prepare themselves and their kids for the surgery and post-surgery hospital stay.

Getting a surgery done in India can be mentally taxing for you and your kid and therefore it is important for you and your kid to be prepared for it mentally. You may talk to the heart surgeon or pediatric cardiologist that can help you out and explain more about how the surgery will be done. You may also want to talk to your kid about it and answer some of his/her questions in a simple way to assure that you’ll be there and that getting the surgery done is important for good health in the future.

For heart surgery in India, parents also need to contact cardiac surgeon’s office to check if there is any requirement for blood transfusion which is normally required during cardiac surgeries. Once the surgery is done the child will be shifted to the ICU. The kid might be connected to various equipment and tubes which can be alarming for the parents. However, these equipment and tubes provide support and medication that kids require post-surgery. Once the kid is moved to the less intensive area parents can be along. The medical team will keep monitoring the child’s heart rate and overall health. Parents can be with their kid to help in speedy recovery by encouraging the kid to switch to normal activities like walking and going to the bathroom. The doctor may also do a chest X-ray, electrocardiogram and echocardiogram to check the final results before they discharge the child. The length of the hospital stay usually depends on the complexity of the surgery and how quickly the baby recovers. Parents can talk to the child’s doctor for certain medication instructions and precautions that need to be followed while at home. It is important that the baby is not exposed to illness, cough, cold and infection and therefore limited amount of visitors is recommended.

Parents in developed countries searching for heart surgery options like coronary angioplasty, cardiac bypass, pediatric heart surgery, heart valve replacement, pacemaker implantation, and robotic heart surgery can look forward to various destinations abroad like India for better results for heart surgery and improved medical treatment post-surgery. These surgeries are usually performed to treat a wide spectrum of cardiac disorders and abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels.

India remains one of the top destinations globally for heart surgeries as it offers an array of features that directly impact the overall outcome of the surgery. Indian heart hospitals use state-of-the-art technology for treating and heart surgery procedures that allow experienced and professional cardiac surgeons to improve their success rate. The overall cost of heart surgery and post-surgery care is also considerably low (including the surgery procedure and post-surgery care) compared to other developed countries globally. As per Bloomberg Business report, artery clearing coronary bypass surgery in India cost around Rs. 95,000/- which equals to ($1583), while the same procedure costs $106, 385 at Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic based on data provided from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. However, parents need to research and educate themselves and search for the right of procedures, cardiac surgeons and hospitals abroad before they make any decision.



  1. When it is a planned procedure, yes. So many heart surgeries are the result of emergencies or progressive heart failure where the patient is already checked in to a facility. It is good to know about the premium eye care available there. BTW, our primary care doctor is from India. We love her. She is caring, competent, knowledgable regarding drugs and medical perspectives on health while being totally open to our desire to address our own health issues as homeopathically as possible. She is a DO, which is what we generally prefer for healthcare.


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